About Me

I guess I should introduce myself formally (I mean aside from the content I added to the “Who Am I?” page.)

As you may have gathered, my name is Dawn. I am a 38 year old single mother of three. I have fraternal twin daughters, aged 15 and a 4 year old son. I work part time with my family, and I attend college online for Medical Transcription. Being a single parent has brought a lot of interesting challenges into my life, some of them I have managed to overcome, while others I have merely tripped over.

I live in Minnesota, near family. I own my home, which my father helped me build 8 years ago. I have the classic “Mommyvan” to shuttle my children to and fro, and every day I pray that nothing goes wrong with it. So far so good…. (I am knocking on my desk right now in the hopes that I have not jinxed myself with that one!)

My daughters are growing into amazingly beautiful young women. They are definitely teenagers and with that comes a lot of new challenges.  However, I am truly thankful for their good behavior and respect for the rest of the world.  Yes, we have our moments and they are not perfect, but just as I am willing to admit that they are human and will make mistakes, I am proud to announce that they usually learn from them.

Madison is my athlete, a gymnast since the age of 2. Her team has the state title of 8 consecutive state championships in a row, the highest number in the state. Unfortunately she suffered a concussion just about one year ago, when she was doing her double back flip dismount from the high bar, broke her grip and ended up hitting the back of her head on the bar at a very fast speed. She then fell to the floor and landed on her neck, briefly unconscious. She was forced to back off of the team, and we are still making our rounds to physical therapists, neurologists, and massage therapists to try to rid of her daily nagging headaches. She has taken this all in stride and although she enjoys her freedom, not having to be in the gym every day all year round, she misses the sport, the activity and has become depressed. I can only pray we find a solution soon. She is a smart, charismatic girl and I am very proud of her good attitude, acceptance of others, and her very sweet and honest nature.

Taylor is my genius. When she was in first grade she shocked me by figuring up our lunch tab in her head by reading the specials board. She forgot the tax, well, because she didn’t know it existed.  She can put her hands to work and make just about anything, or even braid circles around her head without a mirror. I have a hard time managing to put a pony tail in.  In 8th grade she tested at the level of a four year college graduate in nearly all subjects, yet she struggles with organization and focus. She was diagnosed with ADHD when she was in preschool, and we have finally managed to help her level herself out just over these last few months. It has been a rollercoaster for her, and myself, over the years, but I let her have input on how SHE wants to handle her issues, with medication or without, with special help or without. She is in charge of what works for her. The rest of the time she is funny, smart and very quick witted. If she could see the gifts she has been given as well as I could, she would be just as proud of herself as I am.

My son, Jacob. What to say? He is our little ray of sunshine. His father didn’t want us, so we are on our own. It’s a long story, but my son and my twin daughters do not share a father. I divorced their father and after an eight year friendship with a man we moved in together and my son was a product of our friendship. What an amazing gift. Jacob is special, in so many ways. He was a handful as a baby, and when he was six months old he came down with a nasty case of croup and after my fourth trip to the doctor in as few days he was life-lighted to the pediatric intensive care unit where he was intubated. We nearly lost him, and his doctor stated that if I had not been as persistent as I was in the ER that he would not have survived that night.  In the end, we learned that he has asthma and reactive airway disease, so chemicals, smoke, strong odors, none of that can be tolerated around him. You would never know he has a problem, as he has equal energy to every other little four year old boy, thinks he is possibly a super hero of sorts and spends his time playing in the dirt and rolling in the grass with the dog. He is all boy and not much slows him down. He has made huge strides in his health over the last year and it is rare that I have to intervene and tell him to take a minute to remember to breathe.

Me? I am just me. I am a Mom, I am on my own, but the kids and I are a team.  We make our major decisions together, and yet my girls know that when I have made up my mind or if I have made a choice that I think is probably better that I have the final say.  We get by, each day is a new start and we look forward to when I finish college in December and I can start my new career, or at least can avidly hunt for it.

Here we are, in a small Minnesota town, making ends meet (for the most part) and living the life we were blessed with.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to interacting with you.


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